Uniting community. Elevating business.

Let’s amplify our impact.

What happens when the Coachella Valley’s community and churches join forces to help local businesses? Everything.

Upcoming Event

Food, Fun and Connection

Allowing local businesses to showcase products and services, as well as, create a space for our community to gather, socialize and unite.

Sunday, February 6th
9am – 1pm

Southwest Church
44-175 Washington St.
Indian Wells, CA

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What makes LoveLocal CV succeed? YOU.

Some easy things to do now.

What happens when you unite community and elevate business? You lift up locally owned Coachella Valley businesses, the heartbeat of our community. The LoveLocal CV movement is gaining momentum. But we need your help.

Here’s a few ways to make a difference now.


Patronize our LoveLocal CV participating businesses.

It’s simple as can be. Every small business endeavors to increase its sales. Whether it’s a coffee shop or catering service, a landscape company or boutique, a hair salon or healing teas, every business needs help. (see the list of participating businesses here)


Purchase a gift card directly from a LoveLocal CV business.

When you purchase a gift card for someone who needs it, it’s a win-win: for the recipient and for the business. Even more, as you advance the success for each business, you help improve our quality of life.


Spread the word. Tell businesses to sign up.

Simply encourage your favorite local businesses to sign up for our LoveLocal CV efforts. It’s positively to their advantage, and boosts their visibility in the community. Count on it.


Give a participating business you like a great review.

Whether it’s Google or Yelp, a great review can mean the difference between someone checking out a new business or deciding to pass. Take a moment and share the LoveLocal.

Night of Worship

The Night of Worship fundraising event benefitting local small businesses in the Coachella Valley was an amazing success! A combined 15 churches and the Greater Coachella Valley Chamber of Commerce raised $127,500 all to lift up our local small businesses in name of Jesus. 

Thank you to everyone who attended in person and on the livestream. Your prayers and donations will be a huge blessing to the community we call home.

Watch Replay

A year into the pandemic, with changing guidelines and closures, the challenges can make any small business give up. We care deeply about our local businesses. We know you do, too. Welcome to LoveLocal CV.

With inspiring outreach across the entire Coachella Valley, LoveLocal CV lifts our business community. More than 15 local churches, the Greater Coachella Valley Chamber of Commerce, and a multitude of small businesses in need are united to put compassion in action. It’s about profound leadership that amplifies our impact. And elevates businesses with community and faith.

Need graphics for social media?

Join the movement. Click here to retrieve the graphics and spread the Love. Use our hashtag: #lovelocalCV