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4 Steps To Secure Your Home When You Are Away

You need to take steps to secure your home when you leave for a holiday vacation or take a work-related trip. 

You can create a plan to guard your home against any system malfunctions, water pipe breaks, and other accidents.  

These suggestions will also assist you in preventing your property from being a target for break-ins.

4 Steps To Guard Your House

Make Sure Your Home Doesn’t Appear Vacant 

A vacant home is an easy target for burglars. Ensure that you stop newspaper deliveries, have your garbage items removed from your property, and set a timer for interior and exterior lights.
These are a few things you can do to make sure your home isn’t an easy target.

Create a to-do list before you leave

Prepare a list of things that you should do before leaving your house, such as ensuring your security system is functioning, water taps are closed, windows are closed and locked, and electronics are safely switched off and unplugged.

Covering your toilets with saran wrap, cutting off the water input pipes (including flushing lines), and installing a water sensor are all actions you may do to decrease the risks of a system failure or malfunction.

You can reduce your expenses by lowering the temperature on the thermostat and water heater, placing your internet and cable services on hold, and unplugging all unnecessary equipment and appliances.  

Secure your home against intruders

Have a security system in place. It is 101 for home security and a great way to protect your home when you are away. 

You may also install an indoor motion detector to detect when your doors or windows are opened and call the cops.

Other accessories, such as hard-wired smoke detectors and moisture & temperature sensors, can help you monitor your basement.  

Hire a professional home watch service 

Whether you’re away for a few days to a few weeks or more, you may need someone to watch over your house. You need not inconvenience neighbors or friends. And there is no one more up to the task than a professional home watch service in CA, USA.

Such service is ideal for individuals trying to sell their property from a distant location, traveling for business, or taking an extended vacation.

What To Look For When Hiring Home Watch Service? 

A reputable service should have proven experience of caring for unattended homes.

Ensure that they perform periodic external and internal inspections, email you the inspection report with pictures if there is any potential issue, and work with you to customize a comprehensive list of inspection points for every visit.  

Partner with a licensed professional who can prevent an accident from becoming a disaster! 

We have experienced professional service who can offer peace of mind to enjoy your vacations or focus on your work without worrying about your residence.

You can contact us at 760-205-2072

From our team to yours, we keep you in our thoughts, prayers, and hearts and we are thankful for each of you. May blessings be yours this Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

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