Working in His name.

When the going gets tough, the tough call on Jesus.

Helping each other through difficult times reminds us what matters: elevating each other. In the face of adversity, giving relief to local businesses and those in need isn’t just a good idea. It’s how we serve.

On the heels of a virtual mid-pandemic fundraiser last year, we were moved beyond words by the outpouring of help. We asked ourselves, and all our faith leaders, How can we continue this work to help the entire community?

With noble aspirations and the compassion Jesus taught, LoveLocal CV was born.

Let’s make it happen. Together.

In truth, without all of our support, many small businesses could disappear. By fueling revenues and resilience, our donations help keep the lights on and the doors open. That way, businesses can employ their people, provide more jobs, and keep their dreams alive.

When you develop a strong local economy, you lift up the entire Coachella Valley. Does that matter? You’d better believe it. Our commitment: to advance local businesses and, in so doing, improve everyone’s quality of life.

Above all, we are galvanized to work in His name. Let’s make it happen, together.