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Five Facts About Rodent Hibernation

Did you know that some rodents hibernate during the winter? People who deal with rodent problems often wonder why these pests are so quick to come back during the warmer months, and that is most likely due to their hibernation schedules.

The following are some interesting facts regarding rodent hibernation.

There are several different kinds of rodents that hibernate

Chipmunks, squirrels, prairie dogs, and certain kinds of mice hibernate. You might be wondering why you see some of these rodents running around your yard during the winter, and that’s because they do emerge on warmer days to find food.

Because they are such little creatures, they cannot hibernate for more than six months without an energy source. They emerge from hibernation to have a few meals before returning to their burrow.

Rodents can hibernate in your yard

Several places in your yard may be perfect for rodent hibernation. Under your porch, behind your shed, in your garden, it all depends on the setup of your yard.

Rodents burrow deep into the ground in secret locations. 

Because the earth beneath decks and porches is generally rather soft due to the lack of vegetation, rats choose to make their hibernating houses there.

Hibernating rodents can harm lawns

If rodents burrow themselves below plants, those plants might die. Rodents tear up plant roots and even eat the plants they find while hibernating. 

This might be the reason why some of your plants die unexpectedly during the cold months. You should contact a pest control provider if this becomes a problem.

Your pets may sense that rodents are hibernating in your yard

If rodents are hibernating in your yard, your pets will notice. They will smell them and may even try to dig them up. Keep this in mind during the winter months.

Rodents can hibernate throughout the entire winter

Rodents can hibernate for five to eight months. They do come up to eat, but they can remain burrowed in the ground for quite a long time. Some rodents wait until April or May to come back out permanently.

Do you have any questions about rodent hibernation? 

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