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Vacation loves company! And getting your squad together has never been easier. Whether it’s weddings, reunions, birthday milestones, special interest groups, girls or guys getaway, we’ll ensure your group has a memorable vacation experience from start to finish.

There are many wonderful reasons to vacation as a group. Cruise Planners makes it simple to plan these gatherings on any cruise, tour or all-inclusive resort of your choice. Virtually every Cruise Planners travel partner has a group program that offers special benefits. And to qualify for group rates and amenities as few as 16 people need to travel on the same itinerary.

Planning is easy. We handle the details (room assignments, payments, etc). Most travel companies even have a full time “group coordinator” to assist once you sail.
Enjoy perks, like group discounts and points that can earn your group onboard amenities.
Customize it! We can arrange private shore excursions, cocktail hours, meeting space, games or other activities, just for your group.
No payment headaches. Each person can pay individually, or as a group.
Weddings or events? We can help with that too.
What makes a group? On a cruise, it’s eight staterooms or more, that’s it. At a hotel or tour, it’s even less! So grab your family and friends and let’s plan the perfect vacation!

Did you know?

We have a Celebration and Honeymoon Gift Registry? Works like any other gift registry except your friends and family purchase “gifts” towards your dream vacation. Use it for any type of special event for free. Ask me for more details.


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