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Homeowners often face challenges within their Homeowners Associations (HOAs) such as disagreements over rules and regulations, unexpected assessments, and difficulty resolving disputes with the HOA board. One can consult with an attorney but that’s a costly option for what might not need legal intervention. Contacting management often results in unanswered emails and voicemails and when they do get a moment to respond, they only have a few minutes to dedicate to the issue at hand. There were just no services dedicated to HOA homeowners…until now. HOA Consult Services is here for the homeowner, the homebuyers and the agents who work with them to provide guidance, information and support.

HOA Consult Services is dedicated to HOA homeowners and homebuyers, providing expert advice and guidance and services that help decode HOA procedures clearly, helping people not only raising understanding about their rights and responsibilities within their Communities, but also what responsibilities their Association has to them.

HOA Consult Services can also be a lifeline for the concerned homeowner when controversy arises within their Community over a board decision or management challenge.

HOA Consult Services is committed to helping HOA Homeowners and Homebuyers to have a more peaceful and enjoyable experience in their communities and the HOAs they are considering investing in.

About Me

My name is Nadine Buxton and I am a recognized member of the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB™) and an accredited Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA®). I have worked with Homeowners Associations throughout the Coachella Valley as an Assistant Manager, Portfolio Community Manager, and General Manager.

My goal is to equip HOA members and potential HOA homebuyers with the information they need to reap all the benefits and to navigate the common challenges of HOA life and to be a resource for real estate agents. My experience has proven to me that an informed homeowner is a happier homeowner and I want to be part of the solution with you.

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