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MEG Cleaning Supplies has been a family-owned Coachella Valley business for 14 years. The name MEG comes from the first letters in the names of the owner’s three children: McKensie, Eduardo, and Giovanni.

MEG provides customers with all the products and supplies needed to clean multiple surfaces, from walls, floors, and carpets, to car interiors and exteriors.

1. Janitorial
We strive to bring you the best janitorial products on the market that are effective, cheap, and most importantly safe to use.

2. Car Detailing
MEG offers customers the best and most user-friendly car detailing products on the market along with expert advice based on 14 years of experience.

3. Carpet and Stone
Whether it’s a small carpet stain or a stone floor restoration,
MEG has all the products, tools, and advice you need to tackle your next project.





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