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She has learned something from every groomer that she has worked with and has always strived to better her skills, because she feels that no matter how good you are at something you can always do better. Her goal is that “good enough” never is and this has helped to steadily improve her skills throughout her 20 year career. During her career she worked at Eldorado Animal Hospital and learned how to work with senior and medically challenged pets, but has also challenged herself to learn how to do style grooms and learn all the breed standard grooms. She recently completed certification with the International Professional Grooming Association, as a Certified Professional Groomer and is pursuing certification as a Master Groomer, a title shared by very few groomers. She is also certified in Pet CPR and First Aid so that she is ready no matter what emergency situation may arise. Her specialty is finding a groom that fits the lifestyle of both the owner and the pet.


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