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Welcome to my VIP Nails by Hildy!
I am passionate about pretty nails and I’m excited to share these amazing nail strips with you!
You can order directly through my website to be shipped to your home by visiting:
All prices plus tax.
Pricing: Solid Colors $12, Shimmers/Clear Nail Art $12.50, Duochromes/Glitters $13, Designs/Glitter, Dipped/French $14, Prism FX $15
Buy 3 of the above and get 1 free!
Be sure to add your 4th to your cart/purchase at the time of purchase to claim your free set!
Shipping is $3.99 via Color Street shopping link.
Please note for direct orders from Color Street your orders may take 5-10 business days to arrive.
You may also order from my on-hand stock by visiting:
Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal applies to my on-hand stock, too! Claim your sets through my inventory link and I will message you for payment details.
If you ever have any questions about Color Street or just looking for tips and tricks you can always message me direct through Facebook.


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