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We are a weight loss program with all natural grocery store food. Provides 1:1 coaching, 1:1 shopping and educational menus. Our fitness center provides circuit training with cardio and toning workouts. We also sell low carb/sugar free/ dairy free/ gluten free keto desserts.

Our objective is to teach you to eat smarter and learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle well beyond the time you spend with us.

How does the Wellness Mode Diet help people lose so much weight in such a short amount of time?

1-on-1 personalized consulting, low carb and high protein meal planning and a simple but completely natural body process (no prescription medication needed)

Why does a diet with low carbs, low calories and portion control work? It causes your body to enter a state called ketosis where your body uses fat cells for fuel and energy. Ketosis is the key to the Wellness Mode Diet and keeping your weight off forever.

Ketosis happens when your body switches to burning fat instead of sugar for energy and only happens when you eat the right carbohydrates in the right amount. It provides natural appetite suppression that aids immensely in keeping excess weight off long-term. Ketosis literally helps you stop thinking about food all the time without having to take prescription medication!

The Wellness Mode Diet uses low carb, high protein meals in order to maintain a state of ketosis and help you lose that weight that you’re tired of holding on to.

How does ketosis suppress your appetite?

Meet ghrelin. Ghrelin is called “the hunger hormone” because it increases appetite and is released from your stomach and intestines.

Ketosis completely suppresses the increase in ghrelin levels which results in less appetite naturally.


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