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I provide a mobile notary services in Palm Desert and the Coachella Valley surrounding Cities. Whenever it’s not convenient or it’s simply impossible for you to take your documents to have them notarized, we can come to you.
There’s need to take time off of work to have your documents notarized. You can bring them with you to work and give us a call. We can usually be there the same or next day.
If you’d prefer to have your forms or documents notarized after business hours, no worries. We can meet you at your home, when it’s convenient for you, either on the weekends or weekdays, daytime or evenings.
Sometimes there is a medical or other reason why a mobile notary is necessary such as when someone is mobile or immobile, in an assisted living facility, hospice or in rehabilitation due to an injury or illness.
At other times, life is just too busy to drop what you’re doing because you need to find a bank that actually has a notary on staff at the day and time you need it! What about that school permission slip you forgot about and it’s now after 5pm at night? We can assist you with those “notary emergencies.”


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