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Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired? Here Are 22 Ways To Do Sobriety Differently In 2022 (Part 2)

This week we are talking about the top 22 ways to stay sober in 2022. We’ve made a pretty good head start with numbers 1-11, so let’s dive in and finish our list! 

  1. Take a class at your local community college. One thing we have seen with addicts is this consistent mindset that they can’t “do” school or aren’t smart. The funny thing is, our experience over the decades proves the exact opposite! Many former addicts go on to have highly effective educational experiences so if you are on the fence about going back to school, maybe you should think about applying!
  2. Join a meditation group. Are you seeing a theme here? People matter to your sobriety. Mental health matters. Staying active matters. No better way to work on all of the above than finding a meditation group that practices regularly. Look for a local spiritual community or on a MeetUp group. 
  3. Have fun with food. There are a million ways to accomplish this: Take a cooking class with friends, join a foodies group to make friends, start a foodies group or a cooking class. Dedicate time to meal planning for just one month. If you like it, try it for a second month. Get friends involved!
  4. Shake it off. Literally. Jump around, move your body, shake the feeling out of your bones. Emotions are energy in motion so if you have urges to pick up, the best way to get that “muscle memory” out of your body is through active disruption. Try it!  
  5. Go swimming. If you live somewhere warm this could be something you could do year round! If not, there is probably a health club or local YMCA or YWCA with a pool that you could go swimming in. Swimming is refreshing, it moves your body, and it calms your mind. 
  6. Create art or build something. This may be a drawing or painting, it could mean grabbing an adult coloring book and markers, or it might mean building a piece of furniture. Using your hands and mind creatively is an integrative brain experience and as such, sinks you into the rhythm of the work and gets you in flow. Flow states relax us! 
  7. Journal. You’re not a kid anymore so you don’t have to worry about mom finding the journal. You are free to express your thoughts and feelings in writing or drawing. Don’t worry about sanitizing what you are going through, just get it down on paper and let the words flow. 
  8. Go for a bike ride. If you don’t have a bike, look into bike-share places in your city where you could rent one for an afternoon. 
  9. Decorate your house for the holidays. We aren’t kidding. There is never a bad holiday to have a Christmas tree up so get out those lights honey and start decorating. It is completely in fashion to decorate a tree for halloween, easter, or valentines day. 
  10. Schedule and go get a massage, a Reiki session, or a pedicure. Each of these activities is somatic so it will help you sink back into your skin and remember to cherish, accept, and nurture the gorgeous body you have. 
  11. Pray and meditate. Sometimes the best way to control an out of control mind is to sit and pray. Although, where there is heavy anxiety, the last thing you may be able to do is settle into your body. It’s ok if you can’t sit… go on a walk and pray, or swing on a swing set or ride a bike and pray. Or go for a run and pray. Then listen (meditate) and see what comes through. 

We are rooting for you in 2022! 

If you believe you or someone you love has a substance abuse problem and you need help answering questions, our counselors are standing by. 

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