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The 5 Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Cleaning Your Window

Window cleaning appears to be very easy to accomplish, but you can end up with damaged windows while doing it incorrectly. We at PS Cleaning & Disinfecting, have seen many wrecked window surfaces in our customers’ homes. That is the reason we decided to share with you the big DON’Ts concerning window cleaning. But you don’t have to worry; they can be easily avoided.

Cleaning With Chemical Solutions

According to professional window cleaners, chemical window cleaning solutions attract dust, and the results don’t last for long. There are many non-toxic solutions out there, and the results they give are also satisfying. You can even make your cleaning solution using water and lemon juice.

Using Wrong Tools

Some people believe that thick sponges and brushes clean better than other cleaning tools. The truth is that aggressive tools can damage the window surface, and you should avoid scrubbing with them. Use a clean, soft cloth instead. If the spots are hard to remove, consider using a stronger detergent.

Cleaning Windows in Direct Sunlight

In general, when the weather is nice and sunny, people choose to clean their windows. This is not recommended since the windows will dry quickly and water will stain and smears will remain. Think about the cleaning of the windows if the sun is not direct. That’s why Spring is the ideal season for washing the windows.

Using Newspapers

Although many find them the perfect tool for window cleaning, newspapers shouldn’t be used when cleaning your windows because they contain some pretty harsh chemicals, especially ink. You can tell they are no good for your windows when you see the ink on your hands. Ensure you keep using the soft microfiber cloths.

Not Being Safe

If you have decided to clean your windows on your own, consider safety first. If your property’s windows are too high to reach, make sure the ladder you use is stable, and you cannot fall. Don’t risk your health, and never step on the window sills! If you think you will not be able to clean the windows all by yourself, call window cleaning professionals to do it for you.

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