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Tips to Staying Active at Work

In recent years, sitting at a desk during the work week has been blamed for a wide array of health problems ranging from obesity to general back pain and poor vision. The solution is to get employees up and moving throughout the day instead of spending 8 hours sitting at a stretch. Unfortunately, many employees find it hard to stay active at work while also getting their tasks completed. Here are a few hints and tips to get you started:

Take a Walk

If you have the option, it is always nice to ride or walk to work a couple times a week. It offers an energy boost first thing in the morning and gives you time to wind down on your way home. However, even if you can’t do this, using your lunch break to take a brisk walk is a good idea. Walking too or from local restaurants, or even down to the nearest park to eat your lunch outside can be enough to energize your body.

Coffee Breaks

The most important aspect of staying active at work is breaking up your day into manageable chunks. Getting up often to stretch for a minute, or just walking down the hall to get a cup of coffee will stretch your legs and get your blood flowing again.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Many employees don’t take advantage of active time at work because their feet are tired from high heels and other uncomfortable shoes. Make an effort to wear something comfortable and you will naturally feel more willing to take those extra steps or get up and move.

Stand During Meetings

Unless you absolutely must sit down, standing during meetings can serve two purposes: they help you stay active at work, and they encourage shorter meetings. This is most effective when everyone in the room is standing, but that doesn’t have to be a requirement. During your next meeting, when they ask for any new suggestions for around the office, propose “standing meetings.”

Learn Simple Exercises

You don’t have to be up and pacing around to continue staying active at work. There are tons of great chair-based exercises that you can do while you sit. It can be as simple as doing calf raises under your desk, doing chairlifts while you’re on the phone, or working your obliques and core while you wait on copies to be made. You can find full body workouts designed for office chairs or you can look up the trendy new “deskercise” suggestions floating around the web.

All of these tips offer quick and easy ways for staying active at work depending on the level of activity you want to achieve. Whether you want to turn your office chair into a full-on gym, or you simply need to do more stretching to relieve stress in your back, it’s as easy as getting comfortable and making time to move.

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