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What Is The Best Way To Clean Carpeted Stairs?

As a homeowner with carpeted stairs or a staircase with a carpet runner, you must know that it’ll look tired and dirty pretty soon. Chances are you wonder, “what is the best way to clean carpeted stairs?” Having professionals take care of this process is always best; however, we have some suggestions for you on how to clean carpet on stairs. Continue reading to find useful advice on stair carpet cleaning.

How to Clean Carpet on Stairs

So, what is the best way to clean carpeted stairs? It only takes the following 5 steps:

Step-1 Remove Dirt and Debris

First of all, you need to use a stiff brush to loosen any hardened debris and dirt that’s deep in the carpet and won’t come off with vacuuming. You could use a special attachment for your vacuum cleaner to remove dirt if you don’t have a stiff brush.

Make sure to begin at the top of the staircase. Loosen the dirt and sweep it down with the brush, as this will make the process easier and avoid all the debris getting back into the carpet.

Step-2 Remove the Dirt with a Vacuum Cleaner

How do vacuum stairs work the best way possible? The best vacuum for carpeted stairs is either a lightweight vacuum with a long power cord or a cordless battery-powered vacuum, as it is dangerous to use a heavy vacuum cleaner that’s pulling you downstairs. It is worth emphasizing that it is usually better to have specialists who are responsible for this procedure. Be careful to start again on top of the staircase and work every step-down, so that you do not get dirt into the cleaned carpet.

Step-3 Shampoo Your Carpeted Stairs

Now it’s time to give your stairs a great clean with carpet shampoo. How to shampoo carpet? Well, the best way to do it is by hand with a scrubbing brush, but it’s a more time-consuming and exhausting method.

Another option is to use a carpet cleaning machine, but as these appliances are remarkably large and not appropriate for individual stairs, we think that having professionals take care of this process is always best, especially as professionals are highly experienced and familiar with the best carpet cleaner for stairs.

Step-4 Dry Your Stairs

Unless you use a carpet cleaner that sucks up the water while it cleans, your carpeted stairs will still have plenty of water after shampooing them. As it’ll take days to dry naturally and mold and bacteria could grow in your carpet, you need to dry your stairs as soon as possible. The most time-consuming are towels that are absorbed to absorb moisture, and better options are therefore available with a relevant water filter or a wet/dry vacuum. Make sure your carpet is dried so that old water can’t be removed in the future from your carpet.

Step-5 Final Vacuum

After having removed as much water as possible, leave your carpeted stairs to dry all night. Once they’re completely dry, vacuum them again to remove any remaining debris and to freshen the carpet.


What is the best way to clean carpeted stairs? Due to how time-consuming and exhausting it could be, having a professional take care of this process is always best. Moreover, experts do have the best carpet cleaner for stairs.

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